Qualitative Recruitment

Best practical solutions customized based on the field experience to overcome the challenges of the time.

We offer the most appropriate management solutions for your job needs through our Talent Acquisition projects mapped to the business model and manpower planning needs.

The Inclusive Package (Restful)

Includes a full management of the hiring procedures along with the templates, sourcing, pre-employment assessments, and proper reporting till the completion of the administrative procedures in accordance with the Labor Law and related governmental platforms’ registrations

The Partial Package (Authentic)

Includes sourcing, filtering, pre-employment assessments and providing a comprehensive feedback and recommendations as per the hiring criteria and personal interviews

The Initial Screening Package (Fast-Track)

Includes Initial Sourcing and filtering with basic reporting and necessary coordination to close the vacancies.

The Immediate Service Package (Affordable)

Providing resumes for each vacancy free of the pre-payment