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Deep experience of HR solutions for the best results focusing
on the quality, commitment, and performance growth.
Accredited SME Consultant Locally by the Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority (Monsha'at) K.S.A and Globally by the Accredited Association of Small
Businesses Consultants in U.S.A (ASMEC ®):441386
Licensed by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development
for Recruitment in line with Saudi Arabia modern vision 2030 Vision.
Best HR solutions focusing on the quality, commitment, and performance growth.


We assist you in easing your way into enhancing the quality and achieving strategic goals


Full management of the hiring cycle,
starting from the hiring criteria of each vacancy till the employment.


BA is your professional HR partner for successful growth

BA Vision: To be the best professional choice for the human capital rising and the sustainable success partner for the development and business growth in various sectors, locally and globally.

BA Mission: Providing the best solutions to achieve the objectives, develop practices and execute services in high quality and professional manner; emphasizing a positive working environment enhancing the productive and sustainable relationship to formulate a remarkable success stories locally and worldwide as great examples of adding value to the society and developmental renaissance.

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BA General Manager Message

I am honored to serve our community members as an HR Consultant, to provide the highest quality and best experience in Management; supporting the Saudi caliber to visualize and accept the challenges and achieve best results with full determination towards setting great success stories.

The passion of change implementation, learning, development, results with excellence and high commitment is one of our strengths in accomplishing any success story. In line with KSA 2030 modern vision, B.A’s Mission takes a great part of empowering individuals “our greatest asset and strength”.

My sincere appreciation goes to the devoted Executive Team and Leaders I worked with, not to mention the most compassionate and strong HR Managers and Specialists. It has been a privilege and great opportunity to work with those subject matter of experts sharing their knowledge and leadership support.

Today B.A HR offers Local Services in high-quality, commitment and very competitive prices. Moreover, our reliable team are working hard to utilize their abilities providing tailored development solutions that have direct impact on reflecting commitment, productivity and success.

Best Regards,

Bedour Abdulkareem ALSulaiman - General Manager/Consultant


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We are very proud of our unique approach leading an excellent position providing our services for different sectors in high professional manners, quality, and determination to be an added value handling the daily challenges and maintaining a strong bonds of trust with our client.

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